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Let’s Look What Kind of Structure of a Lab Report Should Have

We will skip a title page for your lab report. Its formalization may vary depending on the actual formatting requirements you have.

The overall lab report should be subdivided into separate parts. The abstract stands first and serves as a summary of all the work. Here a definition of the paper's purpose and objectives should be stated. Here it is also required to describe in brief the nature of the studies of the physical phenomenon. Also, it is desirable to describe the equipment used for the studies.

The following part is the general introduction of your lab report that provided the principal point of your report. The next part of your lab report will be subdivided into the respective amount of parts to cover all valuable aspects of the studied phenomenon. All data used for expanding any point or supporting any point of your paper should be formed in tables. Depending on the subject, respective formulas and methods used for calculation should also be indicated.

The conclusion of a good lab report has to provide the reaffirmed statement about the discovered or studied phenomenon accompanied by your findings. If it is required to add extra info, you may do this by attaching annexes to your report.

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