Why should I trust your essay writing service?

We are number one in the services market because the quality of our papers is the best. We have 1000 writers who understand 35 academic disciplines. We will comply with all your instructions and wishes. Despite the complexity of the task, topic, volume, we create the text on time.

Are there any extra included in the essay writing service?

We have many additional services. These include: drawing up a plan, making links, editing, shaping in the appropriate style, delivering the paper in any convenient form, communicating with a writer at any time of the day, free corrections for two weeks. If you desire to look at the directory of sources, we are ready to provide it, and you can also use them in the future.

What writing services can you provide me?

We prepare all academic papers. These papers include essays, reports, reviews, term papers. Students also turn to us for help in applying for a scholarship. We assist aspirants in thesis, diploma. And our main difference is CV, business content, cases.

Are you ready for editing and proofreading?

If you have any questions or comments about the work, we must perform proofreading and editing. We guarantee that vapors will be processed in the shortest possible time. For this, you need to contact the manager and point out the shortcomings of the article. The author will make every effort to make your writing perfect.

What format do you write your essay in?

We work with various formatting styles, including MLA, APA, Chicago, and many others. Depending on the style, we will create a document according to the format guide's clear rules. For example, we are often asked to design headings, title sheet, reference sheet, and then use such a formatting style as "Not applicable." After we formalize the paper according to the rules, we will give it to you in the MS Word document.

How do I place an order for paper?

To place an order, you need to open a special page to specify the formatting and paper design requirements. You will be able to place an order after you register in the system. The administrators will confirm your data and then make the payment. Without payment, the authors will not be able to complete the task. The payment is like a sign that you will not give up the article, and we will not waste time.

How can I send requirements, examples, material to the author for writing an article?

If you have materials, a list of sources, a draft, an example, a plan that you want to show to the author, then all this data must be uploaded when placing an order. If you forget some essential elements, then the author is not responsible for your mistake, affecting the paper design. Therefore, make an order carefully and indicate the requirements.

Can I make changes to order requirements?

If you placed an order and you started receiving requests for execution from the authors, then even at this stage, you have the opportunity to make adjustments to the order. For example, your requirements for the number of pages, headings, design may change. You will have a special button called "Edit order details" where you can make changes. But if you make changes, then all the author's proposals will be canceled, and you will be sent new requests.

How will you send me the paper?

As soon as the author receives money to complete the order and the article suits you completely, we can transfer the paper to you in two ways. It can be paper in MS Word document or article formatted in .pdf file. You choose which form of the document suits you best. Below the order, you will have a button. Click on the document format you want to download.

What is the minimum time you need to complete an order?

The minimum period for which we can handle an order is three hours. But please note that if you need a document faster, we can find a way out of the situation and offer the best solution. If you are not in a hurry to hand over the paper, we need 48 hours to create the article and not miss essential details. Our managers send our work on time, without any delays.

Can I cancel an order?

If you decide that you want to cancel the order after you made the payment, then you have an hour to write to the support service. To do this, you can use the online chat or our email. We will not cancel an order if more than an hour has passed since you contacted support. This is because, most likely, the writer has already started work and has spent time fulfilling the order.

How are writers selected?

If new writers want to join our team, we conduct a severe selection of tests and practical tasks. If you decide to choose a writer, you need to pay attention to the academic level and term. You do not have any difficulties. We made sure that our team includes specialists with academic skills and experience, which he can also confirm with documents.

Who can be my author?

We provide a list of authors who are well versed in your science and have experience in writing the required type of paper. We will select only the best writer from the list and assign it to your order very quickly. You also have the opportunity to choose a writer yourself if you see fit. Our writers are people who are fluent in English and know how to write different types of papers.

Can I appoint the required writer myself?

We give you complete freedom in choosing an author. By placing an order, you can also specify the requirements for the author. At your request, we will find an author who perfectly suits the requirements, or you can choose the right writer.

Can I communicate freely with the writer?

To communicate with the author freely, we have created an online chat where you can ask questions at any time of the day. We make sure that your communication is anonymous, and therefore we hide real data about you from the author. You can be sure that no one will know about you, and you will get the desired result without stress.

What country is my writer from?

Our team includes writers who are based in English-speaking and non-English-speaking countries. That is, writers from anywhere in the world will work with us. If you need to know the writer's exact location, you can ask him when to choose an author. As you can see, it doesn't matter to us what country you are from, because our big team will draw up a document according to the same requirements of your educational institution.

How can I tell if my essay is original?

We guarantee that you will not find a similar article anywhere since our writers create all essays from scratch. We do not sell papers to other students or copy material from finished essays. We only write original documents. We also provide a report with the percentage of plagiarism, and you can make sure that it is absent.

Do you guarantee a top grade?

We guarantee you will receive top grade paper. If you don't like our quality, you can always get your money back.

Can you guarantee the quality of the paper?

Of course, only we are responsible for the paper's quality, and we guarantee you that we will compose the article in the best quality. As a result, you will not receive comments from the teachers, and if the document still needs to be finalized, then in a short time, the editor of the paper will correct the comments.

What if I need revisions?

Don't panic as you need to contact support to do this. The managers will provide you with a form in which you need to provide comments. All your requirements will be taken into account and transferred to the writer in the shortest possible time.

Can I do a writer review?

If you collaborated with our author, then you can leave feedback on these platforms: Glassdoor; Indeed; Comparably. All writers hope you leave honest feedback, so let's be polite in what you say. You can also submit a review directly on our website, but this is possible after you have received your order. This page is provided separately on our website.

May I know how much the paper will cost?

You will be able to find out the cost of your paper when you issue an order. If additional costs arise during the execution, we will inform you of the changes, and only after your consent will we proceed to work. If you disagree with the additional costs, then we will provide the paper as it is. But we assure you that the additional costs may be negligible, so don't be upset and panic. We can always reach a compromise in our work.

What are the ways you can make a payment?

You have multiple ways to pay. The first way is to replenish the balance on the site and make a payment from it. Another way is through "SolidGate", "ApplePay", "CardPay". When you place an order, you can choose any convenient payment method. All payments are securely encrypted, and you don't have to worry about payment delivery. If you have any difficulties with payment, then you can always contact the support service.

Are prices negotiable?

Unfortunately, we cannot agree with you on the amount of the order. All prices can be found on the website. After you place your order, you will have the exact amount. But we can also work with special orders, the sum for which can be changed. Then we will negotiate to find the best solution and set a price that is acceptable for all parties.

Do you have any discounts or bonuses?

Of course, we support a system of discounts. You need to visit the page where all discounts and special offers for clients are indicated. If you find it challenging to understand our bonuses, contact the manager, and advise you. We can also send a checklist with great deals to your email. If you are the first customer and place an order right now, you will receive a discount.

Do you have money-back?

We have money-back. We guarantee money back within two weeks for people who have made an order of fewer than twenty pages. We guarantee a refund within one month for people who have made an order for more than twenty pages. We make sure that your order does not expire. If you are not satisfied with our service, then feel free to make a refund, because it is essential for us that you are always safe when cooperating with us.

Can I count on confidentiality?

We are 100% sure that all your personal data, payment details, kept in a safe place, and unauthorized persons are prohibited from accessing them. If you are against the fact that the third face can see information about you, we will not disclose it. All data about yourself you provide only with personal permission, and we need to process them only to make sure that we are cooperating with real people.

Can outsiders find out or steal my information?

Don't worry about transferring personal and financial information, as we guarantee that no one can steal it. We do not violate the law, and all data is strictly encrypted. If a fraudster wants to know about them, the security service will do everything possible to prevent this.

Can my friends know that I used your help?

If you do not tell anyone that you have used our services, we will also remain silent. We also made sure that the receipt will not contain information about what you paid for when you place an order. Such information can only be found in a contract that we draw upon confidential terms.

I forgot my password - what should I do?

To do this, use the Forgot Password button and follow the instructions.

Can I permanently delete an account?

Yes, you can delete information about yourself and your account at any time.

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