Custom dissertation: Why It Is Profitable to Get It

The dissertation is a type of qualification work of a graduate of a specific educational and qualification level, which is designed to control the degree of research competencies objectively and is an independent study of existing issues in a certain field of science.

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Distinctive Peculiarities of the Custom Dissertation

The custom dissertation is the result of research of a particular object (system, equipment, device, process, technology, software product, information technology, intellectual work, phenomenon, etc.), its characteristics, properties (the research subject).

This work is always associated with the resolution of specific scientific or applied issues, which are due to the specificity of the specialty. Its content reveals the manifestation of the author's competencies, which are specified in the relevant educational and qualification characteristics of the industry standard of higher education.

The general content of the custom dissertation corresponds to its topic. The data is entirely devoted to the topic, the achievement of the objective, and the set tasks' decision. Any deviations that are not relevant to the tasks of the study are not provided.

The main content of the custom dissertation comprises:

  • Formulation of a scientific issue, description of the object, subject, and goal of the study, analysis of the state of the issue under the materials of scientific publications, substantiation of the research objectives;
  • Analysis of possible research techniques and methods, reasonable choice and description of research selected method;
  • Scientific analysis and generalization of factual material used in the research process;
  • Presentation of the research results and evaluation of their theoretical, applied, or scientific-methodical significance;
  • Checking the future possibilities of practical implementation of the obtained results.

Custom Dissertation Completed by PhDs

Our custom dissertation writing service employs many specialists, including PhDs. They carry out legit custom dissertations in various scientific fields. Thanks to deep knowledge and extensive experience, writers always complete custom dissertations in the best possible way, ensuring that all customer requirements are met and the basic structure is followed.

Therefore, when ordering a custom written dissertation on this site, be sure to get a paper with the following structural elements:

  • Title page;
  • Tasks (work schedule);
  • Annotation to scientific work;
  • Content;
  • List of symbols, units, abbreviations, and terms (if necessary).
  • Introduction;
  • Main part;
  • Conclusions;
  • Applications (if necessary);
  • References.

The first page includes the name of the educational institution; departments where the work is implemented; the title of the scientific work; last name, first name of the applicant, course, group, specialties, educational program; last name, first name of the supervisor, his position and scientific degree; city and year of execution.

Tasks for the work are usually placed immediately after the title page. They include data about the organization of writing a research paper, the timeliness of the student's completion of all tasks set in the study, as well as the work schedule.

To get acquainted with the study's content and results, a generalized summary of its main content is provided. The research's main results are briefly presented in the annotation to work, indicating the novelty and practical importance.

The content is usually provided at the beginning of scientific work. It contains the headings and starting page numbers of all sections, subsections, and paragraphs (if they have a title).

Suppose specific terminology is used in the research and little-known abbreviations, new symbols, etc. are mentioned. In that case, their list is usually presented in work in the form of a separate list, which is placed before the introduction.


The introduction of a custom dissertation discloses the essence and state of the chosen issue, as well as provides the significance, grounds, and initial data for the development of the theme, justification of the need for research.

Main Part

Sections of scientific work usually correspond to the tasks of the study of the issue. Each section contains brief conclusions that review the results of the study obtained by the applicant. The sections provide:

  • Review of the literature on the topic and the choice of research areas;
  • Presentation of general methods and basic research methods;
  • Experimental part and main research methods;
  • Information on theoretical and (or) experimental research;
  • Analysis and generalization of research results;
  • Substantiation and forecasting of ways to increase the efficiency of the studied phenomenon.

General Conclusion

Conclusions are the final and especially important part of a good dissertation. It demonstrates the results of the study, the degree of realization of goals and objectives.

Applications include the auxiliary material necessary for the completeness of the perception of the dissertation.

Each source mentioned in the list is reflected in the text of the custom dissertation. Bibliographic description of sources is usually made following current standards in publishing.

So, all of the above indicates that custom dissertation from PhDs has a clear structure and fully complies with modern standards' requirements.

Benefits of Getting Custom Written Dissertation

If you order the custom dissertation, you can be sure that you will get many benefits from collaborating with professional authors:

  • Strict observance of requirements;
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